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Wine table.

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Винный столик на 2 персоны

For 2 persons

A wonderful romantic evening is guaranteed for you! The table perfectly combines a beautiful presentation of wine and all kinds of snacks from fruits, cheeses, nuts and delicacies.

маленький раскладной винный столик

Folding for 2 persons

A compact miniature table will not only serve as a decoration for the evening, but also perfect for serving breakfast or outdoor recreation.

Винный столик на 4 персоны

For 4 persons 

A table for 4 persons, beautiful and comfortable. Will serve as a table decoration for a small company. Can be used for serving for two by supplementing the serving with glasses of water

Винная этажерка

Three-layer table 

Multiple sections allow you to serve a wide variety of snacks that won't mix with each other. This will save a lot of space on your table. The sections are removable and convenient to replenish with new snacks over and over again.

винный столик на 6 персон

For 6 persons

The table will conveniently accommodate snacks and a bottle and 6 glasses for a drink, and will take up very little space.

винный столик на 6 персон

Folding dish-table

Nice folding table for serving. A gravy boat goes to this table as a gift.

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Our contacts

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